LeRone’s Los Angeles Clippers Experience of a Lifetime

At age 14, LeRone was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. He immediately began chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After a couple of months, he was declared to be in remission, but 6 months later the cancer returned. New scans prompted LeRone’s doctors to start him on stem cell treatments. […]

Star Wishes Teams Up with the Orlando Magic & Victor Oladipo for Basketball Fan’s Wish

Children’s charity Star Wishes for Children recently partnered with the Orlando Magic and player Victor Oladipo to grant the wish of a young boy with Down syndrome. Wish Kid Adriel was born with complications associated with Down syndrome including a low platelet count that required a transfusion, a heart murmur, and tracheomalacia, a condition characterized […]

Star wishes for children - Kevin Durant - Durantula

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant to Grant Wish for child with Epilepsy

Derek was diagnosed in 2014 with epilepsy after a sleep study showed that he was having seizures at night every five minutes. Derek was taking six different seizure medications four times a day to manage his condition. He underwent a series of three brain surgeries at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee to pinpoint where […]

Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls Star Wishes for Children

Texas teen gets wish granted with Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls

Traveling to Chicago in February isn’t usually a Southern kid’s idea of a good time, but for Texas teen Guy “Rene” Vega this trip was definitely worth it. Braving the Mid-West cold, Rene patiently awaited the moment when Star Wishes for Children would make his wish a reality; he was going to meet to his […]