TV Star David Mazouz to Grant a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience for New Jersey Wish Kid

Gavyn meeting David MazouzChildren’s charity Star Wishes for Children recently partnered with actor David Mazouz, the young star of the TV Show Gotham, to grant a once in a lifetime experience for a young boy from New Jersey.

Star Wishes for Children arranged for the boy and his family to travel to New York City and spend one of the days there with Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on the hit show. Wish Kid Gavyn Boscio first learned that his wish was being granted from a video KWN and Mazouz put together in which Mazouz thanked Gavyn for being his #1 fan.

Gavyn met Mazouz in person at the popular Chelsea eatery The Red Cat. After lunch, the entourage made its way to Forbidden Planet, New York’s #1 comic store, where TV star and Wish Kid checked out all the superhero items and then picked out Batman comic books together, Gavyn’s favorite part of the wish.

“It was so much fun hanging out with Gavyn,” said David Mazouz. “I admire what they do – inspiring hope in these kids. I feel fortunate to be a part of it all.”

Gavyn is a shy and quiet child diagnosed at the age of six with Chiari malformation, a brain malformation. Initially, the pain he experienced from his illness forced him to miss a lot of school and playing with his friends, so he spent his day watching the latest episodes of his favorite TV show, Gotham.

“It means so much for our Wish Kids and their families to get ‘a break’ from their illness by granting them a wish,” said Anna Lanzatella, executive director for the children’s charity. “We are so pleased to work with celebrities like David who give freely of their time to make a huge difference in a sick child’s life.”

TV Star David Mazouz to Grant a  Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience for New Jersey Wish KidDuring the wish, Gavyn and his family were guests of the Roosevelt Hotel, the quintessential NYC hotel. The day prior to meeting Mazouz, the family visited Madame Toussauds museum before enjoying dinner at the Hard Rock Café.

Before heading home the next day and after breakfast at Ellen’s Star Dust Diner, Gavyn and family received a special tour of the Statue of Liberty.

David Mazouz joins a long list of celebrities who have supported Star Wishes for Children in making come true the heartfelt wishes of children facing life-threatening illnesses.