Meet Favaughn, John Morrison’s FIRST Wish Kid

Favaughn was born with a life-threFavaughn was born with a life-threatening and debilitating illness called sickle cell disease. This is a blood disorder that causes Favaughn to experience excruciating pain. Because changes in temperature affect Favaughn’s body and cause pain flair-ups, he is unable to participate in many activities that he enjoys, like swimming and basketball. Favaugn takes a lot of medicine and is often hospitalized for days at a time.

For his wish, Favaughn wanted to meet his favorite wrestler, WWE Superstar John Morrison! As soon as he sat down to talk with John, Favaughn was smiling from ear to ear. Not only was he meeting John Morrison, but he was also John Morrison’s first wish kid! He was even interviewed by the WWE and they asked how he felt to be the first wish kid for the Superstar! Favaughn felt like he was on top of the world, and John Morrison couldn’t have been any nicer.

John Morrison gave Favaughn a t-shirt, a hat, many autographs and pictures; he even gave Favaughn the trademark sunglasses right off of his face! Favaughn, in return, gave John Morrison a gift bag full of goodies from Georgia, so that John Morrison would remember him. It was quite an experience for both Favaughn and John Morrison, one that they will both never forget.

Following the meet-and-greet, Favaughn’s excitement tripled as he watched the man he just met fight in the ring right in front of his eyes. It was amazing.

According to Favaughn, “It was awesome…a wonderful experience I’ll never forget!”