Savannah Met John Cena


He picked her up and gave her a great big hug.

When Savannah was born, her intestines were not connected and she had to be life-flighted from one hospital to another to receive the proper treatment. She was also born with Down Syndrome and suffers from Apraxia, which is a neurological disorder that prevents Savannah from comprehending even simple ideas and causes limited verbal skills. In addition, she has a severe curvature of the spine called Scoliosis that has caused her much hip pain and for which she has endured a surgery on her left knee just this past May. Savannah also has hearing loss in both ears and must wear hearing aids.

Savannah asked us for only one thing: to meet her WWE hero, John Cena, and that’s just what she got. When she saw him coming down the hallway, she was so excited that she ran up to him and he picked her up and gave her a great big hug – making her day and his. Savannah and John Cena talked and took pictures and he even gave her a gift bag full of amazing WWE gear including a shirt, wristbands, pictures, a hat, headband and even more! After her meeting with John Cena, Savannah was even more thrilled to experience the excitement of a WWE Raw match in person, of course, cheering for Cena the whole time.