Brad Paisley meets some very happy fans!

Three time Grammy Award winning country music star, Brad Paisley, has been a longtime sponsor to Star Wishes for Children. With over 12 million albums sold, Brad is a stage legend. He has been the recipient of the Country Radio Broadcaster’s Artist Humanitarian Award, a well deserved accolade for his boundless compassion. Brad has granted multiple wishes for Star Wishes for Children Wish Kids, going above and beyond to make their time with him special once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Star Wishes for Children could not be more proud to include him among our list of Guardian Angels.

Brad_Brandy_Web15-year-old Brandy suffers from Spina Bifida. She has endured 4 surgeries to replace the shunt in her brain, numerous orthopedic surgeries, must use a catheter, and at times has to use a wheelchair for mobility.

Brandy’s wish was to meet her favorite country superstar, Brad Paisley. Her wish came true at the 30th Annual Fan Fair country music festival in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only would she be in the heart of country music, Brandy would also be in attendance at the TNN & CMT Country Music Weekly Awards the following evening!

The first surprise of the trip happened only minutes after Brandy and her family settled into their hotel room when in walked Brad Paisley. Brandy said that “I was in shock! I didn’t know what to say!” Soon, the charming singer was coaxing Brandy into conversations ranging from car racing to breaking into showbiz, and even had her singing a duet with him to his hit song, “Who Needs Pictures.” To top off her first night at Fan Fair, Brad asked if Brandy would like to sit with him the next evening at the TNN & CMT Country Weekly Music Awards in the front row. She literally squealed with excitement and said, “I know I won’t sleep tonight!”

Brandy’s special wish just kept getting better as she headed to the TNN & CMT Country Weekly Music Awards in a limo and took her seat next to Brad Paisley. “Everyone was so nice to me. The front row is pretty cool,” she said. Her mom Robin said Brad was a very special person for taking so much time with Brandy.

Brad_Holly_RESIZEDAt just three-years-old, Holly was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a condition that causes tumors to grow all over her body’s nerve endings. Holly’s tumors have all grown on her brain. Throughout the years, she has also suffered from severe epileptic seizures and chronic headaches. Holly must visit her doctors frequently and they continue to watch her condition carefully.

One thing that always cheers Holly up when she’s not feeling well is listening to her Brad Paisley cds. Holly was thrilled to meet her favorite singer in person! She met him backstage at one of his concerts and had a fantastic time talking to her favorite country crooner.