Megan says ‘Hi Hi Hi’ to Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Star Wishes for ChildrenMegan has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and severe asthma. Each year for the past several years she has been losing 5% of her lung capacity and may soon be in need of a lung transplant. While Megan is confined to a wheelchair, needs help with most of her daily activities and must take several medications, she does not let it get in her way of living life to the fullest. While Megan doesn’t let her condition get her down, Megan’s Mom has sometimes found life to be difficult, having another daughter also diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

In need of a special dose of happiness, Megan wished to meet her favorite musician Paul McCartney.

Megan, her sister and mother were flown to New York for a big apple adventure that they would never forget. Planet Hollywood treated Megan’s family to a star-studded dinner and presented Megan with a goody bag full of souvenirs. Later on that evening the family hung out with fellow McCartney fans at the Hard Rock Café before the concert at the 92nd St. Y. At the performance, Megan felt like a VIP being invited to watch Paul from the first row. Thrilled to see him up close, it was hard for Megan to believe that she was actually going to meet her favorite idol the following day.

With much anticipation, Megan’s big day finally arrived. Megan, her sister and Mom felt like celebrities when they were whisked away in a luxurious limousine to a local radio station where Paul was a special guest. Megan grew excited as the best part of her wish was just moments away. The radio station studio opened and out came Paul with a bouquet of flowers for Megan and autographed copies of his soon to be released cd for Megan and her sister. Paul spent time with Megan and gave her his undivided attention.

“It was more than I expected,” said Megan after meeting her idol. “Meeting Paul McCartney was the best time of my life!”