Daymon Hangs Out with Miley Cyrus on the Set of So Undercover

Daymon and Miley Cyrus Star Wishes for ChildrenBy the time Daymon was 7 months old, he had undergone three surgeries for spina bifida. Children born with this condition suffer from different degrees of paralysis, ambulatory problems, loss of sensation, as well as deformation of the hips, knees, and feet. Daymon has had 10 surgeries on his feet and had a rod placed in his back. He cannot walk or feel his feet, and relies on a wheelchair for movement. When Daymon turned 12, he had surgery to remove the rod in his back in favor of a more permanent device. He may also have to have surgery on his hip in the future for his scoliosis, a condition that has curved his spine. In addition, Daymon also has hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. To relieve pressure from the fluid build-up, doctors placed a shunt in Daymon’s skull. Despite all that Daymon has been through, he remains a happy and friendly 13-year-old with a bright outlook whose love of music and Miley Cyrus help him persevere. A huge fan of the show “Hannah Montana,” Daymon also loves Miley Cyrus’ music. He has all of her CDs and movies. Daymon can even play some of it on the guitar and drums. His wish was to meet his idol Miley Cyrus, and Star Wishes for Children made his dream a reality.

Before he knew it, Daymon and his family were on a flight to New Orleans to meet the famous young actress and pop star while she] filmed a movie. It was an amazing experience for Daymon. “That’s all he ever wanted,” said Daymon’s mother, Nancy.

According to Nancy, Daymon could not wait to spend time with Miley. “He barely slept [the night before]!”

Once Daymon arrived on set, Miley greeted Daymon like an old friend. Miley “sat down by him and talked to him like they knew each other! A lot of the time, Daymon gets a little shy around people, but not with her. She’s such a sweetheart and very patient with him. She was just so sweet to him,” said Nancy.

“We talked about her show, her movies…everything,” said Daymon. He even brought his favorite star some gifts including a candy rose, candles, and a big pink teddy bear that Miley happily named “Pinky.” “It was really awesome,” said Daymon.

For Nancy, her son’s wish was perfect: “I couldn’t have asked for a better time for Daymon. Seeing his face when he saw her…no money in the world could have bought that. I can’t thank you guys [at Star Wishes for Children] enough for what you did for him. You guys are amazing for what you do for these kids.”

Daymon proclaimed the entire experience to be “the best time of [his] life!”